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VIBee awards thoughtful engagement, but what can you do if you've picked up a great catch and you no longer want to be discoverable by other users?

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Usually, women only have 24 hours to respond once a match is made — but this feature lets guys extend that by an additional day.So far, I have not been cold emailing anyone, but I have received a few. I received a variety of all three of those over the weekend.Category 1 emails are by far the most dull; usually it's about how the guy likes to "hit the gym" (a phrase I hate), works in finance, has a real job and would like to chat.Wolfe believes that this algorithm will give a person's personality a chance to shine through in an age of tech where it's easy to hide behind photos and education credentials that can read like resumes.Soon, users will be pre-selected to be the first VIBees in the Bumble community, and they'll receive a notification alerting them they've been chosen."You'll just be inactive — you won't be able to swipe and people won't be able to swipe on you.

VIBee only picks good behavior and won't weigh into that.""Life's so much based on instincts and quick decisions, and people don't know what they're looking for," Wolfe said.

He read your profile, researched and thoughtfully responded. I respect that kind of effort and feel it deserves at least a message back.

If he has a sense of humor and he's cute, he may even get some emoticons thrown in.

You get a notification when your potential date reads the message, and your special little email takes priority over other messages by bubbling to the top of his inbox.

So there's no being shy about it, you're def letting him know you are interested.

My friend Ben says I should always throw in a winky face ;-).