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Adult chat group ohio

Adult chat group ohio-21

Chalk it up to being a bloke and don't let it drag you down.You are not going to hurt yourself anymore are you? Friends who know you and understand what you are going through.

I feel so betrayed and he is still lying even with the evidence there staring him in the face!!! I can't live with this at all, we are already not getting along and I have long history of depression - as some of you will know - and he is just messing with my mind but why? I do think this is not on, however trying to put things into perspective for a moment, it is just text messages.It drives me mad all those stupid ad's with the pouting women trying to look sexy. You aren't getting anywhere with it as he seems to be digging his heels in.Go to bed, then tomorrow maybe write down what you found out by using his phone and leave it where he can find it.I asked him why he lied about it and he just screams at me saying he hasn't - he must think if he screams and shouts them I will believe him but he is lying, bare faced lying to me. He hasn't done anything to cheat on you physically but has done this to satisfy some need he must have, maybe it was just curiosity?I know these chat lines are on tv all the time after 12 at night.That way he cannot scream back at you when you say something and he might have calmed down.

hugs Deb xxxxxxxx I cannot do that Debs, I cannot just let it lie now it is in my head coz it will just screw me up more and more and eat away at me, I cannot live in the same house as someone who I chose to have a baby with just lies to my face, why should I?

It was only the third time when I found photos that he was unable to get out of it.

As for the txts I know it's not much consolation but he could well be txting someone like Mo out of Eastenders - she was doing the chat lines at one time!

That is hard to swallow when you are all churned up but sometimes the only way to deal with it is to leave it. He may also be feeling bad that he's upset you like this and embarassed that he's been caught.

Let him know if you like that this is not over and he is not welcome in the same bed as you until this is sorted out, but do go to bed and leave it hun. i have a relative that works for one of these chat text lines and in reality most of the people who work for them are not like the glamourous girls you see in the adverts they are in fact middle aged men and women who are bored or trying to make ends meet and text whatever the bill payer wants to hear to keep them coming back it doesnt have to be sexually orientated and can just be a chat ( simular to talking to a mate ) you see the bueaty of texts is no one knows really who is the other end and alot of the people who work for the company my auntie works for are not at all what you would expect and she usually stands doing her ironing whilst working and has no interest in who is the other end even the service that says ''meet people in your local area'' on the ads isnt always what you think it is alot of calls are forwarded to employees not other callers as you would think you see the idea isnt that you meet up with anyone cos if you do that the calls stop as does the cash these lines can be quite adictive as usually my auntie can judge the type of caller and what they want to hear within a text or two she ever poses as a man for female texters too . I don't think he is trying to break you he's just being an idiot and because he knows that and he wishes you hadn't ever found out he's acting like a kid and denying everything in the hopes that it blows over. Zoe please try to put it out of your mind for a while and see how you feel in a few days.

Hi Zoe, what a foolish man, all these ladies want is the money they are getting paid.