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Any day is a good day for visiting Funtown Splashtown USA, but since the park is entirely outdoors, the weather can sometimes play a factor.

All loose articles should be kept in a locker or with a non-riding guest before you enter the queue line. LOOSE ARTICLES MAY NOT BE LEFT WITH A RIDE OPERATOR!If we are forced to close the park(s) earlier than scheduled, the park has the is a raincheck that will be issued at Guest Services giving you the remaining time of your day to use when the weather is better.You must present your receipt and have your bracelet secured to your wrist.Calling for an attraction or park to go into “Safety Standby Mode” is done at the discretion of management.When a ride comes out of “Safety Standby Mode”, the operator will perform a test cycle to make sure the ride is operating correctly before allowing any guests on.Beach balls and other similar items are not allowed in Splashtown USA. Clothing that contains obscene, unacceptable, or inappropriate words, symbols, pictures, messages, etc. Displayed and visible tattoos must be in good taste and not offensive to the park’s family environment.

When in Funtown USA, you must wear some type of footwear that covers the bottoms of your feet.

Many guests who might consider themselves as “non-sliders” will find that they want to use one of the pools to cool off on a hot day or sit in a lounge chair.

Remember, a child under 48″ tall must be accompanied into Splashtown by an adult that is 48″ or taller wearing a Splashtown or Combination bracelet. Major credit cards are accepted at most locations at the park.


Funtown Splashtown USA is not responsible for retrieving items that may have fallen during a ride.

Attractions are also inspected annually by the State Fire Marshal’s Office and by the park’s insurance company. Yes; child tube trainers, “noodles”, and “water wings” are permitted.