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We're gonna leave cast by me unchecked because I want to shout at other paladins if they keep it on.

I do not advise using power auras to track boss abilities which are already tracked in boss mod addons such as DBM or DXE, mainly because one click of a button can update those addon packages whereas configuring auras for each and every individual ability would be a daunting task.Press CTRL F in your browser and the corresponding number to zip straight to what you wish to find!For those of you who aren't enlightened, power auras is basically an addon to toggle auras similar to blizzard's own using user defined logic.On the animation tab you'll find 8 total options to change.For the majority of my auras and the sake of simplicity I use fade in and fade out, it looks great and doesn't distract me during a fight.It looks like a lot of information to process at first, similar to many addons but here's a quick image describing each of the options we should be concerned with at this point in time, I'll get to animations and sounds etc. Configuration is extremely straightforward if you take a second to read the mouseovers for everything, if that's done and you're still struggling please ask a question and I'm sure either me or another member will answer you.

later and possibly custom textures: As you can see everything is pretty straightforward, this will be the bread and butter layout usually. For this let's just keep most of the effects default, I'm sure you have the intelligence to shift them around yourself to get something you find visually appealing.

The possibilites certainly do not stop there however and you can track pretty much anything you want to.

The benefits of power auras mainly come from the player, I can't cover every scenario it will help solve because that's down to the individual.

I cannot tell you how useful this is and I would appreciate it if you thank the author.

Inside this text file you will find every spell sound you can imagine and more.

If it is and you're wondering about how to utilize power auras to improve your awareness, reactions and overall performance in raids/pvps/dungeons then you've come to the right place!