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I can say that these women are truly unique and skillful master of pleasure.However, West Java has much more to offer, not only beautiful and sensual women, but a rich culture and breathless scenery.

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If you’re like me, you don’t like to visit tourist places but instead, have a genuine local experience with girls in their natural environment.I never get enough of it, making me going back again and again.Look, West Java is known for having a high level of prostitution mainly found in towns, while villages are untouched.Most girls will wear long dresses to cover up most of the body.Despite this, the influence of Islam in the region is moderate.For this reason, It’s safer while more rewarding to visit the village for dating local girls during your holiday.

Below, I’ve prepared an itinerary for you to navigate throughout the best places in West Java to meet beautiful Sudanese women, so you don’t get lost in this wild island.

Girls wear a simple scarf to cover their hair called jeans and long sleeves shirts.

Having said that, in the nightclubs girls dress provocatively, not minding wearing short skirts and high hills. Women don’t show off their curvy body to everyone, but hold the treat for you in the privacy of your hotel room. Whether you’re planning a trip to Indonesia or dreaming of meeting the hottest Indonesian girls, then you’re in the right spot. Ultimately, my goal here is to make sure you’re intentional and focused on the right things that will make your holiday in West Java a success, rather than going with the hope to find a date. The native ethnic and majority in West Java are Sundanese people.

No bad attitude, genuine interest in meeting you (it’s not only about money), and they are very horny because they rarely have sex.

I discovered that Indonesian men who can afford to marry any Indonesian girl, would pick a woman from West Java for their beautiful fair complexion and soft feminine personality.

Not only you can avoid the pitfall of a face to face conversation, but the girls on dating sites are there specifically to date foreigners while keeping things private between the two of you.