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He began pumping her hard, which she started to feel the sensation she got with her man.She lifted her legs to wrap them around her BF's waist which really got her bumping heads with the girl next to them.

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The parents were gone for the week, and it was good for the group.Spent on the couch, each guy got thier respective girl back for some more making out.My wife told me that her BF slid his hand down her jeans and fingered her pussy while sucking her tits. While she was getting pleased, she could hear and see the other couples making out on the floor and furniture around the room.My wife got to her last guy on the couch when she went down on him, he blew his load in her mouth.She cleaned him up by licking and sucking until he went semi-soft.My wife move over one guy and blew him, then the next, and the next.

For at least 30 mins the girls took turns tasting each of the guys.

She saw one girl getting her pussy licked by her guy and another couple had already stripped and were fucking on the floor.

My wife said she stood up, took her top and jeans off, and laid down on her back next to the couple that were already fucking.

Each girl stood infront of her guy and knelt down to began blowing him. Here it was, the room full of smoke, music blaring, and four guys lined up in the couch each with a girl in their lap giving them head. While she sucked, she looked over at her friends working it to see what they did, and maybe pickup something new.

The girls worked thier guys for a while, and then they switched.

Before she realized it, she was on top of her GF, kissing, and licking her like a guy.