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Desi dex live portel

The case is in his favour and he ends up winning and gaining full custody of Veer. In a short ending scene, a newspaper article is shown, that states the recession will strike back, then Mr.Desi Boyz gives a call and says that he has gotten the licence for a branch in Mumbai.

Meanwhile, Jerry registers in college again to complete his graduation so that he can earn enough money to get his nephew back home.In college, Jerry meets Tanya Sharma (Chitrangada Singh) who used to be his oversized classmate and is now an attractive professor at the same college. To make Nick jealous, Radhika dates a man named Ajay (Omi Vaidya).Nick starts to pick on Ajay, often calling him Vijay intentionally. Nick then helps Jerry get a decent high paying job, and Jerry decides to go to court and get back the custody of his nephew.It is to tide over the difficult times that Jerry and Nick turn to the oldest profession in the world.Jerry and Nick become male escorts for the company "Desi Boyz", fulfilling the fantasies of girls and ladies.Desi Boyz was reported to be inspired by the aftermath of thousands of Indian students being duped by various universities in the West such as Tri Valley University, Herguan University, London Metropolitan University and University of Navarra.

Eventually, Deepika Padukone and Chitrangada Singh were finalised as the female leads.

After some reconsideration, Radhika forgives Nick, but Nick rejects her after she disapproves of Jerry. Ajay turns out to be the lawyer against Jerry's case.

Meanwhile, Jerry graduates college and also wins Tanya's heart. He decides to get revenge on Nick by not letting Jerry win his case.

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