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Now you might ask yourself how come Dangdut music is more rich.

haiii semua kawanku gimanakabarnya semoga kalian selalu sehat selalu dan selaludalam linduanga yg kuasa amien lagu ini dari kami rosemiko kami sukangeroom di yogyakarta:1 id cowok ku desakudesaku makasih yah tlahmau mutar lagu dari kami cinta kami antara belanda jakarta namun nyata lohhh Dede S Kucing Garong (Robber Cat) Dangdut Remix Tarling with English subtitle for non Indonesian speakers. Tolong sebarkan video ini ke rekan rekan luar negeri anda untuk membantu mempromosikan musik dan budaya Indonesia. This is mega hit song of 1991 in Indonesia,a Dangdut version of latin classic song titled Coffee Rhumba. DANGDUT MUSIC IS AN INDONESIAN MUSIC THAT COMBINES A MIX OF INDONESIAN TRADITIONAL INSTRUMENTS WITH FOREIGN MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS LIKE WESTERN INSTRUMENTS AND MEDITERRANEAN INSTRUMENTS.Not to forget that many Indonesian dangdut production companies they require the singer to have an excellent ability to dance with a flexible strong body.With all these extras, Dangdut becomes not just the most rich but the most difficult to be performed, that's why it is a very high quality music entertainment.That's how Dangdut is the cross roads of cultures and time, cross roads of the Past and the Present with old and new traditions and Cross roads of multiple cultures worldwide all in 1 great music: Musik Dangdut Indonesia.If you had no idea about Dangdut, you're going to get the picture while visiting this site, again welcome to our Dangdut site or Selamat Datang di situs kita semua Dangdut.THAT' S WHY DANGDUT IS A VERY EXCEPTIONAL AND A VERY UNIQUE MUSIC.


The purpose of this site is to show the world this great music of Indonesia: Dangdut.

Also to chalange the top world musicians and singers, yes, it is to challange them all if they can play Dangdut music and sing Dangdut songs.

NET Variations and combinations of Instruments and styles, all live in harmony together, this is the rich Dangdut music of Indonesia, Dangdut music is the ultimate music in diversity worldwide; Dangdut is so unique that you cannot find the same music anywhere else, only in Indonesia.

Dangdut is the cross roads of music worldwide in time and space, from ancient music to new, from Eastern music to Western, Indonesia's Dangdut got no Time or Geographic Barriers Dangdut lives Beyond the Limits.

First because Dangdut music is just richer than the most popular music in the world, Dangdut Music is richer than Rock music, richer than Pop music, richer than Rap music, even richer than Mediterranean, traditional Indonesian and Asian music, yes you heard it right.