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Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it.

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Those brownies eat that rainbow trout like its the last one in the lake!I was amazed when I actually caught a 1 pounder on it.Give it a try, it produces fish of all sizes and is NOT to big!And boiling the tail does help straighten them out if they are a bit kinked. might wanna get two because they get really torn up, no stinger needed.Also make sure the fins are straight as well or it could pull it to the side. From: Comments: my first swim bait the bait that kicked it off, bought this hudd in ROF 5 in golden shiner color,took it to a private pond and on my 3rd cast I had a fish so big it over powered my heavy action ro, 9lbs. From: Comments: Had it for two days and I went to a Local pond filled with some decent LM Bass and pikes, Casted out into the middle let it sink and started reeling it in and felt a dink on the other end... Pretty sure it was a pike, I'm pretty PO'd, Use a wire liter when throwing this lure!From: Comments: This lure is so sick, I had it for a month and barley threw it because it just seemed so large.

The first day I actually tried to throw it I caught an 8.5 pounder and caught about 10 more fish on it that day.

From: Comments: This lure is awesome ,the only problem is that on the hold over there was a big lump on the chin and you cant tell me thats not natural otherwise it was good i got loads of bites one of them was an eight pounder that was the biggest bass i ever caught!!

From: Comments: Pretty excited as this was my first huddleston bait. The tail on mine has a bit more plastic on the right side then the left and it seems like the right side pops out more. If it does I think I'll be buying them local so I can see the product before I buy. But the bait is incredible and has good durability!

This bait is a must have hands down From: Comments: easily one of the best baits, ive ever used, caught a 10 lb lmb first time out using it also my first experience fishing a swimbait, caught a handful of 4-6 lbers too.

Recently, lost my baby bass huddleston under a rock, Ive been kicking my self all day, will definatly be buying more in the near future From: Comments: I bagged a 4lbs. From: Comments: If you haven't noticed this bait has a belly weight, just like crankbaits, to keep them running true.

SM this past weekend on this bait, first fish on the bait and it shredded the skin, was left with the weight and the hook, fortunately I found the skin (It floats)and was able to glue it back together, Get some Mend It if you buy this bait and keep your eyes open on where the strike occurs so you can get it back. I was fishing the perch rof 5 on a steady retrieve and it actually held up pretty good, just slashes on the side from pickerel teeth. For some reason all my huddlestons swam sideways, this is because the actual belly weight is sideways, not the hook or the eye to add a stinger hook.