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He’s Wants Something “Strange”“Show me a beautiful woman, and I’ll show you a man that’s tired of having sex with her.” Its crass, but it illustrates the simple truth behind the strange, unquenchable thirst men have to try something, different than his mainstay.Woman may find this aspect of men unconscionable while ironically, it is one of his most intuitive habits — a thing men feel, know, and do without thought.

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Men can be loyal, devout partners, love you to the end of the earth and take a bullet for the woman who holds his heart, yet still very badly want some strange new experiences. Fear The entire insurance industry is predicated on fear.Age By and large, men go through eras of infidelity. That lasted well into my late teens and had disappeared by the time college came around.Monogamous relationships might be desirable during their twenties, but for most men committing to one girl is far-fetched.Too Many Options“Men are as faithful as their options.” We’ve all heard it, and this inconvenient truth has resurfaced as of late thanks to Shaq’s new book, citing this very reason as the source of his own infidelities.Men spend a significant portion of their existence building wealth, muscles and confidence just to be considered as a sex partner.Unfortunately, these men are also less desired by women. A Sense of Entitlement To help illustrate this male mindset, I’ll tell you about my buddy Aaron.

Like many men who think like him, Aaron doesn’t believe that monogamy is natural or sustainable.

But once in his thirties, fidelity once again seems palatable.

Maybe he’s thinking more about marriage, or maybe he’s just tired of the chase. Sex as Stress Relief A mortgage, two kids, a car note, a demanding wife, and career is a lot of weight for any man to carry.

As a young man, he’d been very romantic and had an adolescent relationship with a girl.

They were both virgins at the time and fantasized about being each others’ first.

Cheating has been analyzed through a never ending stream of expert opinions and “why men cheat” books and articles. “Booed,” “Involved,” or “Dating” are not options on any form I’ve ever seen for relationship status.