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I thought I could trust her and continued until now and was about to send her money to come to the US to live with me. She will demand 1,800 hundred dollars to spend time with her. She will have one on her messenger display image of her at her desk, which she will not give in a photo share or e-mail.

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it looked ok, but one day I was durfing the net and found the pics, she took from Melissa J Harrington, very popular in US.She said she was going to pay for her airline ticket, but she needed money for a calling card so that we could talk. She got upset when I said I did not have the money right now.And kept asking me if I could send it yet and if I had sent it yet.I sent her the pics and link and asked her to explain, she told me, yes, it's me, I'm sorry but I stopped and try to find a way out from that thing of my past...after that she begun to ask to help her, but we both known it was done, she's ok, nice and not pushy, actually she didn't want my money... HAH wanted money for food stuffs wanted to come to my place in the USA after three letters sent many provocetive pix and also on yahoo messinger show upas unsolicated chat melissa harrington runs a site from nebraska in the us i notified her of this scammer i think you should change the name on her profile.I offered to send her a microphone headset but she ignored that offer and insisted that she needed the phone card. Eventually, she stated she needed this amount plus another $250.00 to pay for Christmas presents for she and her family. I confronted her about the voice mail and she said she did not have a microphone but I could hear her typing and her family in the background making I think lunch.

Bill (USA) Report N6 (added on January, 15, 2008) She's at it again.

I then contacted the real Melissa Harrington in Lincoln, Nebraska, who verified the photos and made arrangements to have her removed from singlesnet. Baird (USA) Report N4 (added on October, 12, 2007) Met this girl two days ago on justsayhi shes not asked for anything yet but asked me to delete my profile on that webside which have done for now she claims she is from mouldin, south carolina and is on bisness trip selling gems in lagos that got me suspicious so i looked for her here and bingo different name but same woman shes chatting on yahoo messenger with me and within the two days is in love allready gave me even more reason to look her up.i have recieved at least eight photos of her allready would post them here if i knew how too, shes allready talking about coming to germany to visit and dont think its going to be long before she will ask for help getting here.i also have our conversations saved i and would also post them here if i knew how seeing her here i am now prepared for whats going to come in the next few days.

im glad this site is here to help us thanks guys Ray (Germany) Report N5 (added on January, 15, 2008) After less than 15 days, this lady said she was in love with me and said she was planning to come and be with me for the rest of her life within the next two weeks.

She never asked directly for money but did hint about funds for travel one night on a chat line.

Thats when I got suspecious and I came here and found her.

She really messed up when she contacted me by Yahoo messenger and accidentally left her microphone on.