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I was spending more time at my husband’s school subbing and volunteering to grade homework every chance I got!

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We look forward to continuing to provide you with blogs about classroom experiences from educators on Education Highlights.I ended up applying and getting a middle school science teacher job at a private school.When you work in a small school, you’re often called to teach classes that might not be in your wheelhouse.After graduating from college, I worked as a chemist in the environmental science field.After five years, I started to notice I wasn’t fulfilled by my job anymore.Students repeatedly follow the design process as they complete both the robot and its programming.

Building, programming, testing, revising, and repeating the testing are done by students as needed to accomplish the goals.

Recently, my son was asked by a colleague of mine if he could recall his earliest memory of wanting to be an engineer.

His response confirmed my belief in the power of play as an introduction to STEM careers.

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To me it was just fun.” All children need the time for exploration and play, and adults can help expand a child’s world by giving them the opportunities and the tools to explore.