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Somewhat more European looking than Mexicans since there's little indigenous blood.

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The town of Quepos and the short stretch between there and the Manuel Antonio National Park are the other gay mecca.There is one exclusively gay hotel and many gay friendly ones and a couple of gay bars. Back in the day it was in a isolated cove, everyone was naked and pretty much anything and everything happened there.Nowadays a hotel has been built there so it's not quite as special but the far end of the beach is still the gay spot to hang out and many people still go nude.Check your attitude about the developing world on the plane on the way here.Yes, if you're pushing 50 with a belly the size of Lake Erie and a cute Tico boy wants to suck your pinga then maybe he's in it for something else.I brought by Ipod touch with me so I could get online (wifi at hotel).

I didnt try using my cell phone because I didn't want to incur additional charges.

The Caribbean Coast is also becoming sort of a gay hot spot (a warm spot?

) with many gay guys and some lesbians choosing to buy property there and start businesses.

Of course, you also have to know a few choice words of the language. The most useful phrase here is simply Que rico as in Que rico tu pinga (cock) or Que rico tu culo (butt).

And if you've learned your street Spanish elsewhere, especially in Spain, you'll need to make some adjustments. I was playing with a guy in a park in Madrid one time and he said me estoy corriendo (which literally translates as "I'm running myself"). Mostly though, this is a great thing to moan, all on its own, like when you're getting a great blow job.

Lots of incredible shade trees overhanging the beach so you can stay all day. The best time to meet Ticos is on weekends when the guys from San Jose come down to enjoy the beach for a few days.