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Onlinesex and charting

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While this is all well and good, tracking orgasms could have the unintended side effect of discounting other forms of pleasure which are equally important.

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That said, it does seem pretty interesting to see how your sexual activity rises and falls over time, so the "Oh-Dometer" will likely be a fun, useful tool.The threats usually start after children have been tricked into posting compromising pictures of themselves that they fear could be distributed more widely.In one online conversation retrieved by the authorities, an abuser tricked his victim and then became increasingly aggressive, saying he did not care if the boy killed himself. The practice appears to be a new, more menacing development in the world of cyber-bullying.Ceop said the number of victims identified represented a small fraction of the number targeted.The global nature of the problem was highlighted by “Operation K”, launched this year after a complaint by one victim to police in Britain.And if you're the type who already tracks how many steps you take or how much water you drink, then this will definitely appeal to your documentarian predilections.

Suki Dunham, founder of Oh Mi Bod, suggests that the app's new function was designed to be in keeping with the trend of overall health tracking.

A British teenager is one of seven young people who have killed themselves over blackmail.

Daniel Perry, 17, of Dunfermline, Fife, leapt from the Forth Road Bridge in July.

Ceop has carried out 12 operations over the past two years in which the blackmailing of children into performing sex acts was a clear motive, with 424 victims worldwide and 184 in Britain.

Five of those operations – against groups and individuals – were in the UK.

Purveyors of pleasure Oh Mi Bod are known for upping the ante on how and where you can get off with their wireless sex tech.