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Sex chatting in text on mobile phones

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The Cricket brand is meant to compete with other new low cost prepaid and MVNO cell phone plans like Republic Wireless, T-Mobile, and others.

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This expression is commonly used to ask for the other person's opinion, or to check for their comfort level with the situation.Commonly, NSFW is used when users like to forward lewd jokes or crude videos to their friends.Considering that millions of people read their personal email at work, the NSFW warning is helpful in saving people potential embarassment with their coworkers or supervisor.While IDC is largely an emotion-less term, it can sometimes convey a negative attitude, so it is best to use this expression with friends and not new acquaintances.W/E - Whatever W/E is a dismissive and passive-aggressive expression, often used as a rude way to diminish someone's comment.The new jargon also conveys spontaneous emotion and personal expressions (' O RLY', ' FML', ' OMG').

Here is a list of the most common modern text message and chat expressions. Reminder: all of these expressions may be typed lowercase or uppercase as a matter of personal style.

FTW - For the Win FTW is an internet expression of enthusiasm.

While there were nastier meanings in previous years, FTW today commonly stands for "For the Win". "FTW" is the same as saying "this is the best" or "this item will make a big difference, I recommend using it"! This is a blunt expression of shock and concerned confusion.

It’s nice to get those credit card points while being sure you don’t miss any payments via automation, not to mention the extra $60 you’d end up saving over the course of the year.

Another important thing to note about the Cricket Wireless prepaid plans is that there are two categories of data available for each.

Here’s a comparison chart of Cricket’s base plans: You’ll notice that on the Basic, Smart, and Pro plans I’ve shown a price range with a $5 differentiation due to Cricket providing a $5 discount to those who enroll in their monthly auto-pay service using a credit or debit card.