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Sexuality was controlled and carefully confined to the home and was male oriented.For women it was only a matter of reproduction and with the wealthy polygamy and the young concubines often in the same household satisfied the male appetite for sexual pleasure.

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Religious prohibition of most visual and performing arts including dance and music particularly in urban areas and the Shiite culture of celebrating death, martyrdom and mourning left very few avenues for external expressions of joy and few options for seeking pleasure except sexual pleasure for males.The erotic illustrated books or the so called 'pillow books' such as The Perfumed Garden (16th century Tunis) provided guidance for the males and instructed them on various ways of lovemaking and how to get optimum satisfaction.Despite availability of concubines and polygamy (slaves & war captives in remoter times), prostitution always existed.Before then, religion and tradition governed all such relationships and there was no question of males and females openly dating or socializing with such intentions.Veiling kept women at home and they became totally inaccessible to other males.While a surprising number of people I spoke to declared they had "no religion", almost all of them qualified that statement by declaring that they believed in God."I am not a Muslim but I believe in one God and I think the Koran is a very good book," the motorcycle man explained to me."Islam is not a bad religion but this is a bad government and it makes Islam look bad.""Islam is a good religion but I do not think this is Islam," said a young woman.

But the Islamic faith of some young Iranians comes with conditions."In Iran the Koran is still made to mean that thieves must have their hands cut off and women who have sex with a man not their husband are stoned to death," another man said.

For example, if a man and a woman want to have sex but they are not married it is not allowed.

We cannot even hold hands with our girlfriends.""It is my life," said another man, "and if I want to drink whisky I should be able to drink whisky."Chatting with two young women and a young man in a tea-house I was asked if I thought Iran was boring."No, not at all," I answered.

The number of prostitutes at the time was so high that the government officials attempted to regulate the trade by registering and taxing the prostitutes.

Verbal decency restricted any open expressions of desire for women and public discussions of sexuality remained within confined religious prescriptions.

"They have missed out on so much.""We could do anything we wanted [pre-revolution]," said another."We could travel, drink, have girlfriends, live our lives.