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Sponsored: live xxx webcam chat New York is eager to lessen the state’s environmental impact, which is why it just recently enacted new, stricter carbon dioxide emission laws.

Plus, if there are less trees to consume all the CO2 we’re making that means an even greater greenhouse effect, all of which adds up to bad news for a planet hoping to be around for many years to come.Sponsored: hot sex cam chat In 2009 an EPA study revealed that CO2 emissions endanger the public health and should be regulated because of that.A number of states filed suit to stop the EPA from doing so and just recently those states lost their case in the DC Court of Appeals.Coal power companies have the option of installing CO2 capture devices and other safety measures to lower their emissions but it’s expensive and they’d generally rather go to another state.New York seems fine with that reality and the fact that natural gas is now so cheap helps support the decision to shift away from coal.Sponsored: hot xxx live chat People make use of CO2 in so many different ways.

As you probably already know, the fizzy quality of beer, soda, and other carbonated drinks comes directly from the CO2 used to make them. Cake batter rises thanks to carbon dioxide that is released by baking powder or yeast.

The ruling is a major victory for global warming activists in that the court essentially said that claims of global warming are true and thus the EPA can say that CO2 is hazardous to the public health.

As you might expect the folks that were suing the EPA all stand to lose money of CO2 emissions are closely regulated.

Miners, manufacturers, and a number of states where those activities pour a great deal of money into the economy were in on the suit.

Ultimately they’ll have to live with the fact that public health and the health of the planet comes before their bottom line.

Of course, those theories are pretty good and it might not matter much anyway.