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A full report including clear documentation of any errors will be provided free of charge to the parents, teachers or others who submit request for assistance.

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Upon completion of the specialized TNT training (all TTT trainers), graduates will be asked to donate 6 weeks a year to assist teachers, parents and concerned citizens with not just social studies textbook review but requested reviews of any supplemental material, videos and other instructional material submitted to TNT.After such devastation, the United States launched a war on terrorism focused.”, not a constitutional republic.Two executive summary with many more examples can be found here.Please consider participating by writing to TTT Update – Local Districts Reviewing Textbooks Currently the 1200 school districts in Texas are in the process of setting up review panels and beginning the arduous task of reviewing nearly 90 social studies instructional materials.By the end of February the committees will make their recommendations to the local school boards for approval and […] This is part of a post I shared with our volunteers that includes an update on TTT and our progress in preparing our “report card” of the textbooks reviewed.Of the 1500 findings, over 60% of the errors were either removed or changed.

• Mc Graw Hill said in their 2014 edition of their World History textbook submitted for Texas approval the following about the spread of Islam: • In in the 2014 Mc Graw Hill World Geography textbook purposefully left out key elements to describe the 911 attacks as related to Islam, Islamic ideology or the countries of the attackers with this rather simple statement; “Terrorism became a major concern of many Americans after September 11, 2001, when terrorists hijacked four passenger planes, crashing them into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and a Pennsylvania field.

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Trying to do this on a state by state basis is duplicating effort that doesn’t need to be done.

Centralizing the training with a “rapid response” team of reviewers standing by ready to respond is a more efficient way to help our children.

Whether you are just learning how to cope with Alzheimer’s disease – or you have been living with it for a while – you are probably feeling a wide range of emotions.