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" I value too the lessons in the responsibilities of power, when as Head Prefect, I had to report the indiscipline and disruption from one of the younger boys.Mr Teed asked me how the boy should be punished: "I can cane him. " And that infamous production of Hamlet - I can add another anecdote to that of Roy Mapplebeck (Laertes) - late in the rehearsals, he suddenly exploded, violently throwing the book onto the stage floor and demanding to know why we hadn't learned our lines yet.

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David E: I believe that (and how's this for a coincidence) you were hitch-hiking once and were given a lift by my ex-brother-in-law?Can you help contribute to a forthcoming exhibition on schools in Goole? Are you still traumatised from the cross-country run to Airmyn or inter-school sports day?Did your schooling stand you in good stead for the rest of your life or was it a waste of time? To help you get started, below are the schools in 1950: If you live locally and would like to volunteer to help put together the temporary exhibition, then please contact Patricia Petch, (Volunteer Co-ordinator) or pop into the museum.Started at GGS in 1963 with Hutch as our form master and maths teacher. I recall many of the teachers there with fondness & respect but one or two should have chosen a different vocation. I believe it was demolished shortly afterwards when work commenced on the development of Wesley Square.I can recall building work being undertaken when I visited my dad in Hook and there were shops on site by the time he died at the end of 1992. too many to mention but tom i remember goole harriers we had..The shock, coming from one so calm, certainly had impact (after all I can still remember after 46 years), but not entirely successful - I was miserable throughout the performances due to my difficulty in remembering my lines.....

But a memorable production with Geoffrey Sayers as Hamlet, Gillian Ford as Ophelia, Stephen Hoier as Polonius, John Wraith as The Ghost, John Gibson in a bravura performance as the Gravedigger and Colin Graves as the Prince of Denmark but with a sword, not a cricket bat. I only discovered it yesterday when, following an e-mail dispute with my older brother, John (GGS 1962-63), about the spelling of Mr Chappell's name (we were both wrong), I thought I'd take a look on Google Maps to see if the old school was still there, and a little research threw-up all these comments from old school friends.

Just found this site & spent quite a few hours reading all the comments. As the rest of our contempories have now reached or are approaching 60, she is in the wonderful position of only celebrating her 15th birthday next week. Then to Alexandra St with Miss Brown (I thought she was quite sweet but that was her last year of teaching), Mrs Caldicott, Mrs Gunson and "Pop" Craven. Remember also Mr Wood but cannot recall him singing.

I used to visit the other classes to collect for the Lantern Appeal. To Rickoh ~ Alexandra Street school closed at the end of the summer term in 1990.

But tinged with sadness to hear of the passing of chums - David Laverack RIP. I've only just found this site and am enjoying re-living the old memories.

I was at Boothferry Road for just one year before moving to GGS in September 1959 where I stayed until 1966. I also remember Nora Charlton's trips to Hadrians Wall which were brilliant but it always seemed to rain when we were there - also remember going to Barnard castle and High Force.

We met his parents and they told me he was working for an oil company in Scotland at the time, it was a long term health problem.