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Since I did not discuss what happened in the theatre and the restaurant with Ankur, there was no reaction.

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Ankur did not know the reason as to why I cum so many times.After which he behaved like a perfect gentleman and we headed home. He said “it is for you today my darling”I removed his lungi and he was without an underwear. Since I was already all wet there, it did not take long for me to shoot out my cum and he was feasting on it.I changed into a nighty(which again was a pretty low cut) and went to the living room where my FIL also changed into his lungi and was watching a movie on the couch. I started to stroke his dick it was growing in diameter and was very fat too. He lifted me in his arms and took me to the bedroom. I guess he was a little surprised with my language as he removed his tool completely but at the same time, pushed his dick into me with so much force that I shouted with pain.My heart beat started to beat very fast and I guess he observed it.He left my hand and during interval, Ankur went to get us soft drinks.Coming back to the current situation, my FIL started holding me around my arms with his left hand.

Without my knowledge I leaned towards my FIL and he had greater access to me.

He is working as an assistant manager-Opeations and earns pretty well.

Infact Ankur’s family comes from a well t do family who live in Mumbai.

Дегтярева, 4А Адрес офиса: 197183, Санкт-Петербург, ул.

I am married to Ankur who works for an MNC in Hyderabad.

I was both excited and petrified as t what is going to happen.