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C47 consolidating

By Mark Beaumont for MAAM-SIM, based on original textures by Jan Visser.This little fix provides three wake and oil drip effects that were left out of the MAAM-SIM R4D / DC-3 CD, 5th Edition.

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After downloading the file, follow the installation instructions in its readme text file.This option was originally included in the base package, but has not been since. Six new C-47 models of the USAAF, RAF, RAAF and CNAC in liveries from the ETO, CBI, SWPA, and Med Theaters of Operation. Two USAAF C-47A's and two RAF Dakota Mk III's in authentic ETO liveries.With recent improvements released by MAAM-SIM, however, many more users are flying the aircraft from the VC and this modification allows a full view of critical navigation instruments that are otherwise blocked by the yokes. Many new features, including operating American and Commonwealth paratroop and para-drop cargo effects, blue formation lights, folding paratroop bucket seats, unique para exit door animation, glider tow tail, paddle type propeller blades, authentic antenna systems, full blown typical C-47 3D cabin and many more.It will install thumbnail pictures for the FSX Select Aircraft Menu.This upgrade will allow you to use the planes in the new sim, but more remains to be done, and there are some features that are no longer supported by FSX.This little patch replaces the two defective panel configuration files.

This is a free update to allow owners of the MAAM-SIM R4D/DC-3/C-47 CD or Download Version for FS2004 to install and use the FS9 aircraft in Flight Simulator X.

Questions or problems with files should be directed to its author at the address contained in its readme.

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It IS NOT REQUIRED for the downloaded version of the XC-47C add-on "".

This texture set in Folsom's Air Service livery requires both a previous installation of the MAAM-SIM R4D-6/DC3A package and the free, add-on XC-47C aircraft that complements that package (

package caused missing altimeters in the virtual cockpit of the DC-3 Passenger version and the C-47A Cargo version models as well as many of the other aircraft which share their instrument panels.