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Ce dating mean

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After the invention of the telescope, measurements were made by observing occultations of stars by the Moon, which allowed the derivation of more closely spaced and more accurate values for ΔT.

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The angular momentum lost by the Earth due to friction induced by the Moon's tidal effect is transferred to the Moon, increasing its angular momentum, which means that its moment arm (its distance from the Earth) is increased (for the time being about 3.8 cm/year), which via Kepler's laws of planetary motion causes the Moon to revolve around the Earth at a slower rate.

The cited values of ΔT assume that the lunar acceleration (actually a deceleration, that is a negative acceleration) due to this effect is so ΔT need not be recalculated given the uncertainties and smoothing applied to its current values.

(The SI second as now used for UTC, when adopted, was already a little shorter than the current value of the second of mean solar time. This means that in the year −500 (501 BC), Earth's faster rotation would cause a total solar eclipse to occur 71.625° to the east of the location calculated using the uniform TT.

All values of ΔT before 1955 depend on observations of the Moon, either via eclipses or occultations.

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