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Christian dating advice for middle age suddenly single men

First, the things I’m going to say today are based on observations, personal experiences and the experiences of friends.There are many churches to whom these do not apply.

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” I have never heard anyone ever say that out loud in church. Which, several have said, means providing childcare on Sunday mornings so the married couples could participate in the morning worship service. We’re every bit as intelligent and mature as any married person, and we need fellowship and teaching just as much as anyone. Singleness is not a disease, and marriage is not the cure.There are beautiful, generous, wise people in the congregations and on staff.So I’m not trying to disparage churches in general; I’m only describing an experience that I believe lies in the blind spot of many churches.on weeknights because they knew many wouldn’t be able to make it. 5) I Corinthians 7 is acknowledged but not encouraged.But when it came to creating a schedule that worked for singles? I have never heard a sermon in which a pastor preaching on I Corinthians 7 camped on the sentence “being single is being preferable…..” First of all, Ephesians 5 gets WAY more attention than I Corinthians 7.There’s an opportunity cost for every choice we make in life.

The opportunity cost for being single is dealing with loneliness and celibacy. Well, an enormous amount of time, tons of energy, and tens of thousands of dollars in setting up a household, throwing a wedding and taking a honeymoon. 7)Single people are not discipled in their singleness.

At first they were told no, because, “as everyone knows, singles groups are just meat markets.” Then they were told that “the church doesn’t need a singles ministry because no one would come — no one actually wants to be single.” A few years later, they were allowed to start a singles group, but it had to be like all the other small groups meeting that quarter — which meant it was assigned a room at the church and had to meet once a week, on campus, at a certain time.

Now, anyone who knows the lifestyle of single people know that this will absolutely not work.

Yes, singleness is sometimes a struggle and people in that season are sometimes miserable or discouraged or weary — but you could say the same thing about marriage, right?

And we don’t offer miserable married people divorces; we teach them how to grow and persevere in the midst of the difficulties.

The two leaders asked if they could, instead, host get-togethers in different venues, at different times during the week, to allow single people the opportunity to connect with each other in a more informal way. If they didn’t meet in the small group format, then they were no longer a ministry of the church.