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Ciara dating rapper

From custody battles to Twitter rants to the ensuing public fall-out, fans have been looking like Michael Jackson in the theater during the “Thriller” video, slowly munching on popcorn, watching as things get wilder by the day.It looks like things are coming to a head as Ciara’s lawyers have called on the After being spotted out for dinner in Beverly Hills, the rumor mill was in full swing that Ciara and Future were an item. 24, 2013, Future made it official, saying during an interview, “The chemistry is there. She makes me happy; I make her smile.” They immediately became inseparable, littering each other’s social feeds and even musically consummating on the sexy duet “Body Party.” All was right in the world.

Rather than engage Future in a back-and-forth, Ciara decided to hit him where it counts — in his bank account.According to legal documents, the rapper will be questioned about his tweets and child support in addition to whatever else her legal team deems necessary.When it comes to hip-hop and depositions (remember when Lil Wayne and Pharrell were under oath), this can and As the court battles waged on, the “Body Party” songstress attempted to defame Future’s character and parenting skills in order to have full custody of Baby Future.A month after hitting Future with a lawsuit for $15 Million, Russell popped the question, and Ciara accepted. He goes on to call her last album a “flop,” and asks that aside from badmouthing him to the press, she should also be responsible for legal fees incurred from her initial lawsuit. After hitting the Free Bandz leader with a $15 million lawsuit, now Ciara has ordered him to appear in a Georgia court this month.Future will be required to give a deposition under oath this month regarding his past relationship with the singer.As TMZ reports, because Future’s his end goal was to get more time with his son, the joint custody judgement ruled in his favor and prompted him to drop the countersuit.

Amidst all her legal drama, Ciara jetted off to England to be married in July.

Shai lives with Joie across the country, and Bow Wow told Oprah earlier this year, "It's so hard -- I Skype with [Shai] and I just wish that I could just reach in there and grab her little self." Tyra Banks: OK, so we might be reaching with this one, but after a recent appearance on "106 & Park" that included a big ol' smooch with Bow Wow (which, as it turns out, was her second), the supermodel is rumored to be the rapper's newest girlfriend. If so, Tyra better watch her back -- Keyonnah will be none too pleased!

The hip-hop community loves when its superstars get together to remind us of what it’s all about in life: love and family.

Sometimes things start out like Lil Durk and Dej Loaf and flourish into Jay-Z and Beyonce.

Other times, however, the relationship ends in a bad breakup and thanks to the power and immediacy of today’s media, we get to go along for the ride.

Meanwhile, Future couldn’t keep his happiness contained, dropping the song “I Won.” Unfortunately, they started the back-to-school season on a sour note.