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Cloudfront not invalidating

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So as I access my pages without the index.html, invalidating those makes nothing.I also realized two other things: when activating S3 website, if you visit " S3 makes a 302 redirection to (once again, leading slash).

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You can read more about the invalidation feature in the Amazon Cloud Front Developer Guide. Until now, when I wanted to manually invalidate a single file, I had to fire up Cloud Berry S3 Explorer and scroll through thousands of files to get to the one I wanted to invalidate.I took his excellent script one small step farther to allow invalidating a single file via HTTP (using your browser) by including the to-be-invalidated filename in a URL, with the ability to optionally pass my Cloud Front Distribution ID via a separate variable in the URL (handy for those of us managing multiple distributions).object will automatically paginate the results on-the-fly as needed by repeatedly requesting more results from Cloud Front until there are none left.Amazon Cloud Front’s invalidation feature, which allows you to remove an object from the Cloud Front cache before it expires, now supports the * wildcard character.We will also demonstrate this functionality in our next Cloud Front office hours on Wednesday, June 17th.

You can sign-up for this office hours session here.

I found a great post by Clay Loveless who wrote a PHP script to batch invalidate files files on an Amazon Web Services Cloud Front distribution. I’m not a developer, but I can lightly hack my way around PHP code – especially when it’s as clean as Clay’s.

For automated on-the-fly batch sync and Cloud Front invalidation, I still rely on the excellent s3cmd command-line tool.

I recommend making sure you place this file in a password protected area of your website.

Hi, I may be configuring my project badly, but here is the problem: I set up a max age of 86400 seconds (1 day) for all my HTML documents.

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