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The fiesta of Los Corazones de Tejina (the hearts of Tejina) is one of the most deep-rooted festivals of the , recorded mention dating from as far back as 1800.The origins of the fiesta are bound to the seasonal celebration of the harvest.

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The girl standing next to her giggles behind her hand, in awe of her friend’s audacity.

A month before the fiesta, three local barrios (districts) of the town; El Pico, Calle Arriba and Calle Abajo, each set up a commission to organize the construction of their ‘hearts’, beginning with the collection of money from every household in the local area to help fund the fruit and flowers.

Over the ensuing month, an appropriate branch is found in the woods above Tegueste from which to construct the frame that will bear the hearts, and work begins on baking the pastry tarts that will adorn the finished product.

La tentación que nos narra el Libro del Génesis, en el Paraíso, es esta: si haces eso contra lo mandado por Dios, seréis como Dios.

Este folleto es parte de una serie de publicaciones "Corazones sanos, hogares saludables" que presenta información importante en una manera popular y clara para Latinos sobre un factor de riesgo específico por la enfermedad cardiaca.

Offerings of fruit, flowers and boughs to the local saint are a common feature of fiestas in the Islands and date back to pre-Hispanic times when the Guanche wove boughs of laurel, palm leaves and aromatic herbs into arcs which were used to adorn the Tagoror (Holy Place) when a new Mencey (King) was crowned and for religious rituals.