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Corporate dating fiona dorse

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"Other dating agencies cater for people who cannot find their own partners, just because they are different.

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However, she is against discrimination against certain people because of sexual preference, weight or financial and social status.If she does not love and accept herself, how can she expect another person to love her?" The same applies to those with emotional baggage and negativity. I create a much-needed opportunity for professionals to meet people who are in their league.They deserve a nice partner and that is where I come in," she says matter-of-factly.She says it is important for women to be financially and socially independent and not rely on men for everything.By Aurelia Dyantyi Sassy and confident, Fiona Dorse does not mince her words when dealing with desperate and dateless professionals who will do anything to find that special someone.

This smooth operator takes her business of matching couples seriously.

"On a serious note, I don't mean to ridicule women when I ask them about their weight.

I ask it in order to gauge if the person is happy with herself.

And, it seems, an investment to meet that special person is one that her clients are willing to make.

Once a month, the Durban-based Dorse travels to South Africa's major cities in search of top-notch professional clients to add to her books.

A man is a breeder looking for a pretty woman to breed with.