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Cost of validating a marketing lead

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At Marketo, account executives must create an opportunity if the discovery call generates any action items or next steps for the Sales rep.

We take a multi-disciplinary approach to our marketing machine as we’re proficient in Ping & Post, Host and Post, Lead Generation, Pay Per Call, Live Call Transfers, Phone Verified, Mobile Pay Per Call, Display Advertising, Social Media and Traditional Online Advertising.We also pass about 4% of the active qualified prospects already in our database each month.Together, this translates into about 2,000 marketing qualified leads (MQLs) per month.As Craig says, “The most successful lead generation/lead management programs have dedicated phone resources whose sole job in life is to take raw inquiries and qualify them before they are sent to sales.” Put simply, SDRs pass the baton from marketing to sales.A Sales Development team can enhance revenues in the following ways: Develop a strategy that unites marketing and sales with a common goal of driving revenue by downloading the Enterprise Marketing Playbook Series: Sales and Marketing Alignment.Here is some common criteria companies use in their definition of a sales-ready lead: Once a lead meets your criteria for sales lead, you have several options for managing the workflow.

Some companies, such as Salesforce, have their SDRs create early stage opportunities and then track when sales reps move those opportunities into subsequent stages.

If Sales Development were an engine, lead scoring would be the oil.

It probably does not make sense to call ALL your prospects, so best practice is to use lead scoring to identify the best possible lead for your team.

At Marketo, we score our leads in three ways: a “fit score” quantifies how well a person matches our ideal target; an “engagement score” accounts for a lead’s level of interaction with Marketo’s content and thought leadership; and a “buying intent score” tracks when a lead demonstrates key purchase indicators.

Those three scores then interact with each other to determine who we pass to the sales development team as leads, as follows: With these rules in place, each month we end up passing about 10% of our new names over to sales development as leads.

In fact, a recent Sirius Decisions study shows that this kind of strict lead qualification can drive improved sales results.