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Creative ideas for teens dating

Giving back is a great way to fulfill your high school community service requirement for school or a club, build your high school resume, and make a difference in your community. But sometimes it’s difficult to find an exciting volunteer opportunity. Take a look through your closet or storage space to find those dusty items that you’ve outgrown or just don’t use anymore.

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If you’re under 18, make sure to sign your letter with your first name only. You can choose the cause you're passionate about, specify how much time you have available, and select the type of service in which you want to participate (donations, face to face, hosting events, taking a stand, etc.). Donate children’s books, novels, and other reading materials to shelters, libraries, and schools. Write a letter to your Congressman about an issue that you care about. Offer to rake leaves, shovel the walk, or do housework for an elderly neighbor. Take a look at Operation Gratitude or Give2The Troops to learn what to donate and who to send it to. Some examples include helping friends stop texting and driving, raising awareness about domestic violence, and creating activity books for children in hospitals. It might not feel as glamorous, but this volunteer work is actually really helpful to non-profits! Participate in a clean up of a beach, riverbed or local park. Collect money for a charitable organization like UNICEF, and no one will judge you. Unless you’re a gaming aficionado, you may not realize that there are some really cool and fun board games out there.And yes, I do mean outside the realms of Scrabble and Monopoly.A good old fashioned movie night is the next best thing to going to the cinema. No only is it cheaper, but you don’t have to deal with any other people.

Being alone in the dark is far more romantic without fifty other people surrounding you.

Discovering retro toys and comic books being sold well below their market value is always more enjoyable with someone at your side.

You may even make some money if you knowingly rip someone off and sell your purchases for profit on e Bay.

Jonathan Woods established the Under the Tree foundation at 12, when he realized that teens are often overlooked during toy drives. Kalin originally began the event when her grandmother was diagnosed with the disease. 13-year-old Claire Fraise wanted to give dogs who would be euthanized a second chance with her organization, Lucky Tails Animal Rescue. Former anorexic teens Liana Rosenman and Kristina Saffran decided to start Project HEAL to raise money for teens who needed treatment for eating disorders. Lu Lu Cerone founded Lemon AID warriors at 10 years old to help other kids make social activism part of their social lives. Wanting to end hunger, Katie Stagliano, now 14, started planting fruits and vegetables in her garden to help the hungry.

Her organization, Empower Orphans, has helped more than 25,000 children globally. Jordyn Schara founded WI P2D2 (Wisconsin Prescription Pill and Drug Disposal) when she turned 14, which works to dispose of drugs in an environmentally friendly and safe way. A 10-year-old Zach Certner started his organization, SNAP, as an athletic program for children with special needs. Shannon Mc Namara started SHARE, a non-profit that provides thousands of girls in Africa with books and school supplies, when she was 15. Kalin Konrad started her annual backyard carnival for Alzheimer’s when she was in 5th grade.

You can pick out the best fruits and vegetables for yourselves at a much lower price than at the supermarket whilst playing ‘spot the stoned ageing hippie.’ Becoming prematurely old and dull at the age of 26 has never been so much fun!