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With a list of potential matches right around the corner, users can not only choose “Crush” (yes) or “Oy Vey” (no) but can also select “Maybe.” “While relying on friends, family and fate is great, we have to keep up with the times and use technology to make our lives easier,” says Sonya Kreizman, JCrush’s COO.

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With the options of liking or passing on matches based on a small profile picture that appears, the user helps narrow the dating pool in his or her current geographical location.“With JDate, all you need to join is an email address,” he says.“In other words, anyone can join and create multiple profiles, real or fake.” Singer says the process of joining JZoog is quite complex.With more than 30,000 global users, from Australia and back, the app, Kreizman hopes, will unite and strengthen Jewish communities.“Anything that is going to help single Jews meet other singles Jews and marry is ‘kosher,’” says Rabbi Arnie Singer, author and founder.In April, JDate, which was established in 1997, launched a major rebranding campaign, dubbed “Get Chosen.” Users submitted their best taglines via Instagram and Twitter. Right to Left,” submitted by New York comedian Jonathan Morvay—shine bright throughout major cities, in hopes of enticing new users.

According to Greg Liberman, chief executive of Spark Networks, the company that owns JDate, JDate’s recent tune-up was intended to emphasize the “‘J’ in JDate” and reinforce the company’s purpose “to build the Jewish community.” But some users, Jewish or not, are offended by its attempts.

“I think it’s pretty clear that people use location-based apps that offer minimal information, like Tinder, as hookup tools,” he says. “We think it’s up to our users to determine whether they want to hook up or have something more serious,” Kreizman says.

“We just provide them the tools to be exposed to one another and they take it from there.” To combat this issue, Singer developed JZoog in 2013.

He says he got involved in the online dating world after hearing several complaints from singles about inadequate dating services.

His website (and soon-to-be app) is different than JDate or JSwipe because the site strictly screens users before accepting them.

However, apps like JSwipe and JCrush have led to criticism that goes beyond religious lines.