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World at War features console-style achievements, where the player receives an award for accomplishing a specific feat during gameplay, such as finishing a campaign or killing a certain number of enemies.There are also "collectables", star-shaped pickups, hidden in each mission.

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The final mission of the game has Rook making an assault on Shuri Castle.The SAS is victorious and move in to destroy the final German resistance in the Rhineland. After he does this, he and his squad head to a secret facility to steal nuclear secrets and then destroy the facility.After that, he mans the gun on a half-track as it flees through the streets of Berlin.A challenge mode exists in which the player must complete a level segment in a limited time while fulfilling special goals such as scoring a certain number of grenade and melee kills.Compared to the previous title developed by N-Space, World at War had improved in-level geometry, more responsive sprints and crouches, and 3D-modeled iron sights. There are several "minigames" based on real tasks undertaken in the field.Touchscreen-based minigames place the player in charge of defusing mines, sending Morse code radio messages, and bandaging wounded allies, as well as rotating wheels to aim mortar and artillery weapons.

The player mans additional emplacements including machine-gun turrets and anti-aircraft guns. Up to four players can be supported online with four different types of game.

He fights to the roof where he raises the American flag signaling the end of the battle.

IGN scored Call of Duty: World at War version at 8.3/10, praising elements including a surprising level of complexity for the hardware, "impressive sound production all around", fun gameplay, and great multiplayer.

The game roughly follows the same battles as the console version, but from a different perspective.

It starts off at a boot camp, where Rook learns how to climb obstacles, fire accurately and use a mortar.

German troops raid the trenches, but Dimarkurato takes a bridge leading into Seelow Heights.