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Dating games find a boyfriend

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Underneath it I wrote the caption, “This is what I look like without makeup.” And you know what? I put a lot of thought into writing my profile and it showed.However, my general consensus of how the average dude uses an online dating site is he looks at pictures to see if he’s attracted to her and then scans the profile for red flags.

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I love video games, boardgames, science fiction and fantasy books, anime, comic books, Magic: The Gathering, and science.Armed with this information, I posted a picture of myself wearing no makeup on my profile.It’s still a cute photo: I have long brown hair, I’m smiling, and staring into the camera with my big brown eyes.I know what I want and I figured that I wouldn’t waste my time or anyone elses’ time if I was straight-up about my wants and needs.That type of candor might make it sound difficult for other people, but I genuinely think it was how I found my dude.understand why online dating gets a bad rap: it takes away the fun of the “meet-cute” and forces you to judge, based on very little information, whether you want to take risks with someone else’s neuroses and perversions.

There have been online dates I’ve been on over the past four years, such as with the 9/11 conspiracy theorist, that I’ve hated, too.

This might sound like overly-intimate stuff for an online dating profile — and, yeah, a number of guys seemed to think “kinky” means “easy” — but that honesty separated the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. I’ve seen far too many profiles say “I could never date a Republican! I dated a Republican I met online for a month and though we ultimately weren’t right for each other for non-politics reasons, we had some really great conversations.

I laid all my cards out there and as a result, I didn’t waste two or three dates on duds. I was lucky, in a sense, that I had firsthand experience with people having really dumb standards. Jessica Saga know all about the letter he sent me after we broke up, in which he listed 10 reasons why he didn’t want to be together anymore. But some of them were just plain stupid, like how he wanted to date someone who enjoyed playing board games. It would have been a shame not to date him just because he voted for Bush (twice). I posted a picture of myself not wearing any makeup.

So here are some tips from my experience on meeting guys and finding Mr. Geek and nerd culture are becoming more mainstream these days.

Comic book movies like Iron Man, The Dark Knight, and The Avengers are getting lots of non-nerds interested in superheroes.

But keep in mind that the fanbase for geeky interests and hobbies is still widely male-dominated, which means that you've got a lot of options.