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Dating gestures that impress women

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I’ve written about how much I enjoy it when a woman talks sports with me, and I’m not alone. Research by Deborah Tannen, Liguistics Professor at Georgetown University and author of shows that men feel more comfortable communicating side by side.

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Likewise, sweet nothings on the dance floor will make her weak in the knees.Etiquette, style, general knowledge, compliments, cleanliness, and a decent music collection are individually endearing, but to truly bowl a lady over requires something special. When the ordinary is tinged with personal touches, the results will make her blush.Why not astound yours with one (or more) of these 10 big, thoughtful, exciting ideas: 1. Men are spontaneous, but advance planning is often a weakness. If you have perfect recall of the relationship’s mini-highlights (what she was wearing when you met and so forth), give voice to those memories, especially in front of her friends, and you will cause a jolly uproar. Attraction and a naughty imagination are never amiss, but a bedside manner is more than just kisses between the sheets.“I liked golfing, she didn't, but I knew she did it because I liked it.I found it romantic to bond over an activity, and I felt more connected after that.”Of course, sports don’t always have to be involved. ” He went on to say that there was just something about having to trust her through the process that added to the experience. Thoughtfulness and creativity make a difference too.She will not soon forget the damp washcloths for the forehead, trips to the pharmacy, or just being there after the contagious period, to watch a Hugh Grant comedy and play unlimited rounds of Yahtzee. Going overboard, when used quite rarely, will leave your honey utterly gob-smacked, as the British would say. The ultimate masterstroke in this arena of wow-ing a woman is demonstrating a knack with kids…she’ll go gaga when you goo-goo.

(And let’s face it, a Hugh Grant movie IS ALWAYS a romantic comedy, right? For Casanovas without credit cards, get creative without the cash flow: Take scissors to construction paper for a thousand cutout hearts, gather up roadside wildflowers and strew the petals about her bed, or deliver a love note a day for one week to profess your smitten-ness. While waiting for your Pad Thai to arrive while out for dinner, chat up the moppet at the next table; remark, “Cute baby” when strolling past the strollers at your local park with your date, and so on. A magnanimous showing of sacrifice and support wows her and confirms your commitment to a budding relationship.

Pull off a surprise party with a full cast or plan a cozy weekend getaway (reservations made, bags packed, time off secretly arranged with her boss), and she’ll be in awe of your efforts. Similarly, a hardcover always makes a fine gift, but when you’ve tracked down a first edition of her favorite children’s book that she mentioned last week, so very much the better. Amaze your gal by playing doctor and nurse when the flu hits.

Who knew a dusty old book could earn you major points? Hang around to fetch tissues, ginger ale and soup, and don’t turn squeamish during the sneezing and sniffling phase. A weekend getaway is lovely, but what about being whisked to Paris?

Confessing your true feelings can make quite the indelible impression. Can you ace the battery of trials and the impossible scrutiny of her closest friends to earn a resounding wow? Preparing an extravagant multi-course meal (not ordering out pre-made gourmet and slyly transferring it into shiny serving bowls) replete with all the trappings is a wow-able moment.

Like passing the Mensa test, your relationship IQ must include the forethought to win over her inner circle. And, yes, you can do it: Following a recipe taps every man’s inner do-it-yourself expertise.

For Pablo, his most recent birthday was particularly romantic thanks to an added surprise element: “My wife literally blindfolded me and drove me around to various locations for our date,” he said. “Something inexpensive, yet out of the ordinary/creative, like a stadium tour, or a sports car test drive” makes for a romantic date, Enzo said, adding that it has everything to do with a perceived “intentionality” and attention to what he likes.