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Dating longage arabic

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Grammar points covered will include the dual form, gerunds, prepositions, the superlative, the fronted predicate, the future and past tense, negating the past tense, the root system, and further study of the Arabic verb forms.

Listening, reading, and writing about these topics are also part of the course.At the Washington Academy of Languages, courses are designed to teach Modern Standard Arabic, which represents a blend of the major urban colloquial forms.Our classes teach reading, writing, listening, and speaking.Vocabulary development is continued as well with the vocabulary being introduced thematically.By the end of the course, students will be able to communicate more efficiently and will be able to write simple sentences that relate to the conversational material learned in this level. (ISBN: 9781589017368) (used for levels 2-6) This course will expand upon the student’s basic skill levels gained in Arabic 2.They will enhance their ability to communicate verbally and in writing about a variety of topics.

They will deal with topics such as visiting family, visiting the mosque, social interaction, and travel.

Required Textbook: Brustad, K., Batal, M., & Tūnisī, A. Al-Kitaab fii taʻallum al-ʻArabiyya = A textbook for beginning Arabic. In this course students will explore in more depth the structure and syntax of the Arabic language to be able to better understand the Arabic sentence.

The vocabulary learned in this course will relate to the topics of family life and the extended family, weather, Arabic music, and Arabic food and restaurants.

An increasing amount of time will be spent on the written language and grammar.

Grammar points covered in this course include the construct phrase, possessive pronouns, plurals, and further study of the present tense.

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