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Dating someone different social class

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Make sure that both people are contributing equally to the relationship -- if not financially, then in other ways.In the end, Alden says, as with anything in a relationship, communication is key to happily ever after."You just have to be aware of the challenges and open to talking them out.

He said "All the stuff you guys talk about sounds neat, but I have no clue what it means, I'm just lost." (This made me sad because I have spent a lot of time talking to him about all kinds of stuff, not just my work.) And so, I suppose I see their point. What say the dopers: Good advice or just plain elitism? But aside from different experiences, we seem to approach the world in the same ways and have so much in common personality-wise that it hasn't mattered.But while she thought she was being kind, she was actually inadvertently hurting Steve's feelings with her generosity. "It is harder on men than on women, because for many, there is still the expectation that men are the providers and much of our confidence is tied up in this," says Alden.So how does a man cope with a girlfriend who makes more money than him?And, if so, what are some of the challenges you should expect to face?We asked Scott Alden, dating expert from How About "Someone from a lower class dating an upper class person might experience embarrassment, feelings of inadequacy or even anger toward their partner," he says."Try and relax about the whole thing and realize that money isn't actually, in any way, tied to your manhood," suggests Alden.

"Prove it elsewhere, if you need to prove it, but don't make your partner feel guilty about making more money than you and wanting to spend it."And the woman can help out, too, by ensuring there are other areas in the relationship in which he can take charge."If you know there are tasks at which he excels, make sure he knows how much you appreciate it," he says.

But if someone were a champagne drinking museum goer, it might be hard to find something in common with a beer-swigging NASCAR fan.

There's nothing wrong with either, but long-term relationships do require that the participants either enjoy the same things or can respect their differences. I don't really feel comfortable with people from my social class, either as I grew up with (white trash) or currently (yuppie white collar).

"Don't hire movers just because you can afford it -- ask him first.

Don't call a plumber because the drain is clogged. Don't go to super fancy restaurants that he can't afford all the time -- go somewhere that he can pick up the check once in awhile."But what about when it's the other way around--and the man is the higher earner?

I recieved many many books for Christmas and so I'm just now getting around to cracking this one. hanging out with blue collar people will at best be politely tolerant and at worst be openly condescending.