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It is 10 miles (16 km) from the border with England, and is dominated by the substantial ruins of Jedburgh Abbey.The Abbey, though much damaged over the years, especially by invasions from England, is still one of the finest late Norman buildings remaining in Scotland.Now roofless, part of the church was used as the parish church into the 19th century.Using our online dating search tools you can look for singles in Jedburgh that fit with your strict criteria.One of the best tools for dating in Jedburgh is the ability to narrow by an exact interest & by the area giving very targeted results.Other notable buildings in the town include Mary, Queen of Scots' House, Jedburgh Castle Jail, now a museum, and the Carnegie library.

Bishop Ecgred of Lindisfarne founded a church at Jedburgh in the 9th century, and King David I of Scotland made it a priory between 11, housing Augustinian monks from Beauvais in France.

The abbey was founded in 1147, but border wars with England in the 16th century left it a ruin.

The deeply religious Scottish king Malcolm IV died at Jedburgh in 1165, aged 24.

Jedburgh Castle Jail, built in the early 19th century on the site of the medieval castle, is also open to the public.

Borders traditions like the annual Callant's Festival and bands of pipes and drums add local colour, and delicacies include Jethart Snails and Jethart Pears. The Canongate Brig dates from the 16th century, and there are some fine riverside walks.

It was an occasional royal residence for the Scots, but captured by the English so often that it was eventually demolished in 1409, by which time it was the last English stronghold in Scotland.