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Dns reverse lookup zone not updating

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Generally the lack of this record does not cause problems; however there are a couple of scenarios where it may.

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The main records that are needed for an Active Directory domain called are Service (SRV) Resource Records that are registered in the various subdomains listed above.This is most likely to be a problem for software that expects to locate workstations by appending the DNS suffix to the name registered in Active Directory.Checking the operation with a machine where the name configured matches the name registered in DNS should reveal whether this is the problem.Additional tools that IT Services use for diagnosing security and configuration issues will only apply for clients using the central servers.If using the central servers, make sure that firewalls are configured correctly as per the previous section or lookups routed through the central resolvers may fail.The first two rows are the ones that we most often see configured incorrectly (or not allowed at all).

In this configuration you can configure clients that are members of the domain either to use the central DNS servers, or to use your Active Directory DNS servers.

If you have a forest with more than one domain, or you need to set up trusts between two domains in different forests, so long as both are set up using this configuration (i.e.

using the existing DNS name for the Active Directory domain name) then everything should work with minimal additional configuration.

However the main records used to locate Active Directory services are stored in Active Directory-specific subdomains which are managed by DNS running on your Windows servers (normally on the domain controllers).

These subdomains are The last two on the list are not used by Windows 2000-only domains.

However a few records for the domain are held by the central DNS servers in the Computing Services, which do not allow dynamic updates.