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How to meet guys without online dating

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Not because they aren’t there, but because the odds are stacked against you. Whatever your hobbies are, find classes or simply get outside to do them.

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If you are trying to meet a guy and consider a serious relationship with him, you need to know what you want.And as a result we go around with blinders on deflecting attention from men and not just sleazy men. So focused that other pieces of our lives get shut down.One of those things is that we lose connection with the things that have brought excitement to us in our lives outside of our working world.That’s the first thing that you need to do: bring excitement into your life. But, I’m actually talking about a different kind of excitement.Now I know dating can be exciting especially when you feel that connection with that man who sends shivers down your spine and brings butterflies to your stomach. I don’t want you to solely focus on that type of excitement ‘cause if you can bring excitement to your life in other ways first, that excitement is going to be inevitable. Let me say that again: if you focus on bringing your own excitement into your life, dating excitement will be inevitable.He makes you weak in the knees when he puts his lips to yours or the way he touches the small of your back. So, this means that I want you to reconnect with the things that light you up in your life or have lit you up in the past.

Like, what did you do as a young girl that brought you joy? Go back to your roots to start with or if maybe you were kind of a boring kid, then start something new.

If you really want to meet guys, you need to get the odds in your favor. There is no hierarchy here, so don’t think that the first place is better than the fifth. There you are going to meet guys with similar interests as you and here’s the key: they aren’t there to pick you up. If you enjoy cooking, find some group cooking classes. If you have tried online dating and haven’t been successful, maybe you are on the wrong site?

Again, whatever your hobby is, find a way to do it in a group. The more you are out interacting with people, the greater your chance of meeting guys. Many guys are intimidated by a large group of girls. Ask him anything really and let the conversation go from there. Check out my dating comparison chart to find the site perfect for you. As with the other places I’ve listed, no one volunteers with the goal of meeting someone.

If he doesn’t notice you, take a chance and introduce yourself. It’s OK to approach a guy, as long as you let him take the lead after the introduction.

The relationship won’t be doomed because you approached him first.

I’ve recently had a few women come up to me and ask how to meet guys.