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How to stop updating intellisense

The new preprocessor lens feature makes it much easier to understand those kinds or problems.Simply right-click on a line of code and select "Preprocess selected lines" to see the code as seen by the compiler.

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We changed our database (which enables features like Go To Definition and Find All References — please note that these are not considered “Intelli Sense” features) to use SQLite.This results in accurate error messages and code completion.You can get the latest version of Visual GDB with the new engine on the download page.Flare and Blaze upon startup will analyze your project to update the project's database.After opening a project Flare and Blaze will begin scanning your project, on some systems this can cause speed issues until the scanning is complete.The engine never makes a blind guess - it sees the code the way the compiler does and never gets confused by complex templates or GCC-specific features.

The watch window now supports Intelli Sense and understands preprocessor macros.

In Visual Studio 2015, the XAML editor became extensible so we could take advantage of all the work already done by Microsoft for WPF by just providing some metadata via the Nu Get package itself, and registering our Xamarin.

Forms namespace to opt-in XAML intellisense instead.

This new database dramatically speeds up initial solution parse time and improves the performance of the previously mentioned features.

That's true, but I'm developing pre-compiled C#.

Now the long answer if you’re interested :) For Visual Studio 20, we provide Xamarin.