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Some experts actually recommend spraying both lots of bedding with one of the cat scent pheromones, such as Feliway, that are now available.Once the newcomer is eating and using its litter tray regularly, allow it out from time to time to explore the house again, still without meeting the other cats face to face.

This is because sometimes it’s not the litter box that’s the problem, but a negative experience there.There may well be some moderate displays of aggression and fear with some growling, hissing and spitting at first, but unless they are severe, these almost always tend to diminish steadily.If you see either cat becoming distinctly aggressive or frightened, separate them, not by charging in but by throwing a large towel over each of them and carting them off so that they can reconsider things.Gradually, over a day or two, move the dishes closer to the door.Now, open the door a crack, just of the newcomer and the residents so that they become familiar with each other’s scent.If you’d like to learn more advanced tips on solving your cat’s litter box behavior problem, go to the website described in the resource box below.

About The Author: Cassandra Mandello helps you to go from cat novice, to successfully training your cat in no time.

Finally, you can open the door wide for a while so that the cats can mix.

Do it gradually, extending the contact time more and more as things settle down.

You can do this by either placing a scent, or, by placing a bowl of dried cat food there. If using dried food, which often works better, ensure that you top up the food bowl during the day.

Either way, once you have success, continue for another 1-2 weeks to ensure it stays that way. If you’re at home when the cat is, then you have this step up your sleeve as well: the startle technique. Wait 5 minutes, then bring the cat to the litter tray, and if she toilets at the tray, reward her with praise and a food treat.

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