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Is tony stewart dating

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That intense commitment is why many Stewart fans have decided to continue to root for him — just in the form of a team owner instead of a driver.

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And of those who said they’ve made up their minds, Kyle Larson was the top choice (picked by 24%), followed by Kevin Harvick (18%) — who drives for Stewart’s race team — and Chase Elliott (13%).“Tony means a lot to me and his racing background is pretty much the path I followed the most,” Larson told USA TODAY Sports when informed of the survey results.One third of them said they have rooted for the driver since his Indy Car days — some even dating back to USAC — while an additional 56% said they have been Stewart supporters for more than a decade.Only 11% said they’ve cheered for him less than 10 years, and it’s worth noting some of those were teenagers who said they’ve been lifelong Stewart fans.The injury cost him the second half of the NASCAR season and he only returned to sprint track racing last month.Speculation swirls around what is next for the driver; criminal charges could still be filed or Stewart could face a possible wrongful death lawsuit from Ward's family, according to Sports Illustrated.Footage taken through the NASCAR star's career - before he fatally struck a competitor with his vehicle in upstate New York at the weekend - shows him erupting in anger at fellow drivers following knocks on the track.

Injured: The driver has a reputation for lashing out in anger.

Tony Stewart is about to begin the final laps of his NASCAR career, a 10-week push in the Chase for the Sprint Cup where he’ll be focused on winning a fourth championship.

Stewart has said several times he’s looking forward to the next chapter — a break from the weekly grind, plus returning to his passion: sprint car races.

He wants to [expletive] about everyone else but he's the one that drives like a little [expletive].

I'm gonna bust his ass,' he added to Fox.'I've seen it many times in NASCAR, where a driver will confront the other one, and a lot of times they'll try to speed past them.

Still, fans have picked up on those traits.“As might be expected from a Stewart fan, I like my drivers with a big personality,” said Jacob Fisher of Salisbury, N. “Guys like Stewart and Larson will not hesitate to make their opinions known — good, bad or otherwise. “I don’t want to get called to the NASCAR hauler as often as he has in his career.