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Islamic polygamy dating site

Aina Khan, a leading family lawyer specialising in Islamic marriages, said that the Marriage Act was “out of date”. Now nearly three million Muslims, with origins from many countries, live here.” Noting that having more than one wife was an outward sign of religiosity, Ms. In 2015 Amra Bone, who was the UK’s first female Sharia council judge, said that “the government cannot…ask Muslims not to have more than one wife. “It dates back to 1949 and only Anglicans, Jews and Quakers must register their religious ceremony with the register office . Khan said that of the couples who came to her seeking to separate, a quarter involved polygynous issues.

Since 2014, he says, the numbers of people coming to the sites have topped 30,000 and he believes the numbers will only increase, forcing governments to think about legalising polygamy.New Statesman associate editor Jemima Khan provides a compelling reason why women sign up to the website: “If you’re divorced, widowed or over 30 and Muslim, finding a husband in (Britain) can be a challenge.” An East London Muslim matchmaker told her he got up to 10 requests a week from women “comfortable with the notion of a part-time man. He told Piers Morgan: ‘There’s an institute in this country called marriage and we must admit it breaks down because of infidelity and there are a lot of men, decent men, who it’s hard for them because of the advertising and the media, and they don’t want to have affairs but they have an urge.Men share their love and resources with their wives and children and families stay together.” Men misinterpreting Quran to marry more than once, says Indian HC Why would women choose to live in a polygamous relationship?According to Chaiwala, polygamy is “natural” for men.A sizeable proportion of these ‘marriages’ are thought to be polygynous (specifically where a man has multiple wives).

Baroness Cox, a cross-bench member of the House of Lords, said in October that polygamy is “commonplace” within Muslim communities in Britain, with husbands fathering as many as 20 children by four wives.

“They have their desires fulfilled and they walk away without any accountability.

With polygamy it’s honest, it’s responsible and there’s nothing to hide.

However, at least 50 per cent of his website users are female.

They are “educated, successful career women” who want marriage but may lack the time to devote to a partner, he shares.

“The practice of unregistered polygamy appears to be more commonplace than might be expected,” Dame Louise said.