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Like dating older women

Find a suitable girlfriend you can blend with and share aspects of life.ALSO READ: Women under 30 please explain to us your love for Rhumba…

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Take your time and seek advice on life before jumping on things you will regret in future.Ken, it is good you have come back to your senses because you were truly lost.It is not too late and you have a chance to change and forget about these women.At 24, you have a long way to go in finding your space in this life.You cannot do this if you continually date women who will always babysit you and caution you from the hardships and shocks of this life.This is not a sustainable practice as you will soon need to settle down and build yourself up.

I can assure you that as a man, it is practically impossible to build yourself up on the back of a woman.

For starters, younger women are usually more demanding of time and other resources.

Often, they will also be fairly judgmental of the man’s status and achievements.

You are the only one who knows which category in life you want to belong to.

However, be informed that dating older women is only short-lived and will always keep you in a comfort zone which will keep you away from reality.

I think I am getting addicted to older women and think it is time I started thinking about a long term relationship.