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Furthermore, Alice is portrayed by Sara Yoko Howard and Paloma Kwiatkowski in segments The Groundskeeper and The Mary Alice Brandon File, respectively.In 1920, Mary Alice Brandon was placed in an asylum by her father for having gone mad with her supposed "visions of the future" and the unfortunate loss of her mother.

Alice approached him as if they were already close friends and told him that he'd kept her waiting a long time.They introduce themselves to Bella when she visits their home for the first time, after Edward started dating her.Jasper and Alice take Bella to Phoenix to hide from the tracker, James.She went to the small diner where she knew he would be, moments before he saw her.Jasper Whitlock was a young major in the Confederate Army in Texas before he was turned into a vampire by another called Maria, who was building an army with Lucy and Nettie.Upon becoming a vampire, he gained the ability to feel and manipulate people's emotions, also known as the gift of pathokinesis.

This is linked to his charismatic nature as a human.

She was transformed by him to protect her from the tracker known as James. The first clear vision she saw was of Jasper Whitlock, an emotion-manipulating non-vegetarian vampire, and was led to believe that she was destined to meet him and find a peaceful existence with the Cullen family in the future.

Her creator was later killed by James in vengeance for changing Alice, who was James's singer: a human whose blood smelled particularly appealing to one specific vampire. She waited for him for 30 years while practicing vegetarianism—with little success—before they finally met in Philadelphia in 1948.

They traveled with Peter and Charlotte for a while, though the latter couple never complied to their "odd" dietary choices.

Alice and Jasper joined the Cullens in 1950, and at Carlisle's suggestion, married.

Jasper's skills and gift allowed him to gain command over the army in the Southern vampire wars, and he befriended another vampire called Peter who was allowed to live by Maria.