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Ratendate singles and dating

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Although it has blossomed as huge industry in its own right we still haven’t seen it gain as much acceptance on the local market.So why is it internet dating in Zimbabwe hasn’t become a huge deal?

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Whoever wants to go big in internet dating in Zimbabwe has to thoroughly carve out their market, come up with a clearly defined business model (this usually sinks many entrepreneurial hopefuls) and avoid a weak copy-paste approach that just chases the trend that took decades to evolve in other markets.) All this is subject to a lot of considerations, most of which include legislation on social media.These haven’t even been tackled on a national front.41% of Zimbabwe is below the age of 15 which represents a rising market that will fit snugly in the teenager bracket.When it comes to internet dating and social media trends a lot of attention should paid to this market.This can always be thinned down further with niche services (It could be Christian dating, college dating or urban singles) which seems to be how different dating services work efficiently. The whole world isn’t completely blind to the opportunity that exists here though.

There are entrepreneurs exploring internet dating in Zimbabwe as a business case.

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Unlike other dating sites in Durban, our approach is 100% scientific and uses intelligent matchmaking to unite couples who are serious about their search for love. Having reached the 7th spot on the New York Times 2015 list of places to visit, Durban evidently has an undeniable charm.

In actual fact now would be the best time for an online dating service to go mainstream in Zimbabwe. As far as target markets are concerned Zimbabwe is primed for dating services.

Like the rest of Sub Saharan Africa, Zimbabwe has a very young population with 55% of the country in the 15 to 64 age range.

Long before social media received a global definition from Mark Zuckerburg’s Harvard dormitory experiment, a lot of people had been experiencing the opportunity of the internet as huge meeting place for potential partners and social connections through online dating.