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Now, juxtapose the comments of Judge Kirkland to what William Hogan, Sr. Suzy Kellet, who was the former Director of the Illinois Film Office (an appointee of Governor Jim Edgar), praised Hogan's efforts on behalf of movie makers coming into Chicago.

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The attending scandal, the 74-count federal indictment and conviction of a top Local 714 union steward named David P.In 1993, Billy Hogan took the helm as president of Teamster's Joint Council no.25, representing 120,000 members and affecting (conservatively) billions of dollars of their moneys in one form or another.Kellet resigned in order to accept a similar position for the State of Washington in Seattle.Geocaris explained that he wanted to get into the "creative" side of the business. It is reliably reported that Billy Hogan siphons off a percentage of jobs to non-union personal ( a no- no for a union guy), in order to keep manpower costs down and avoid the possible stigma of another 714 scandal of the Mc Cormick Place type from exposing him to further unwanted publicity.A $5.5 million-dollar low interest loan from the munificent City of Chicago honchos to a private consortium or enterprising and rising entrepreneurs endeavoring to build a deluxe film center and sound stage was nipped in the bud at the 11th hour. It seems a major player in line for a piece of the action was revealed to be - of all things in the Windy City - mob-connected.

The proposed Studio Works project, a 100,000-square-foot sound stage planned for construction in the blighted Near West Side, is a limited partnership that includes several "connected" people, and heavy hitters tied to - of all people - William Hogan, Jr.

Miraculously he survived and his testimony put Kaye behind bars.

In 1976, Kaye was convicted on Taft-Hartley violations, and was sentenced to two years in prison by Judge Alfred Y.

Kaye on charges of labor shakedowns, undermined the credibility of the "Hogan family Local" as labor people call it.

Daye served a prison term in Florida for the attempted murder of an African-American man who refused to carry our a direct order to kill a Miami laundermat owner.

Since that time the fast-moving Billy has fiercely resisted efforts on the part of International Teamster's President Ron Carey to clean up the entire union's corruptive mob ties nationwide and purge various locals across the country of long-standing, questionable connections.