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Ryan conklin and baya dating

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(Herman shall henceforth be known as Abs, since not only did he win an award for having the best set on the East Coast, it’s his only distinguishing feature. From the get-go he realizes Katelynn is transgendered (because he you know, has eyes) and decides that what he needs to do is take her out to dinner and make her come out to him. This isn’t misty-eyed-couple-of-tears-rolling-down-your-face crying, it’s sobbing loudly while clinging to each other waterworks.

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This time around, I’m not doing it for the career -- I got out for a reason. I’m going to make sure I make it back and I’m going to make sure everyone around me makes it back. I was very happy with the episode you’re going to see tonight.I remember picking up the phone and someone started asking me how the Veterans Day parade was. You’ll see when I tell the roommates, each approach was different. When you were selected to be on "The Real World," did you know you wanted to talk about your experiences in the Army? I wasn’t a big political advocate in my day, but if I could share some experiences and turn some people, educate them in an easy, fun way, if they could get to know me and listen to me, that’s a platform I was willing to take. On the show, you seemed very opinionated about the war.At first I didn’t even recognize who it was, but it was my brother. There were a million questions: What the hell is going on with my life? What are you hoping viewers take away from watching you?How satisfied are you with how you’ve been portrayed on "The Real World"? They really showed a lot of things I got involved in with the veterans.A lot of people in the house were very supportive and inquisitive about it.I know we’re a superpower and that’s always been in our history.

But, and this is strictly just my opinion, I don’t speak for others, I’m from Gettysburg and we have plenty of Civil War monuments and when this country had its civil war …

They’re having to teach us new things because a lot has changed. I also thought about how my roommates were going to take it.

We’re working seven days a week, trying to get last-minute training in. I didn't want to bum them out for the rest of the time we were there.

"The Real World: Brooklyn's" Ryan Conklin is only 23, but he's preparing to serve his second tour of duty in Iraq.

He first enlisted after 9/11, when he was just 17, and several times since has narrowly escaped with his life. On tonight's episode, Conklin will get the call back into action, which he describes as devastating.

At first I wanted so bad for my brother to say he was joking, but he wasn’t. Cameras are there, but I was in such a daze, I didn’t even see them. That’s why I didn’t bring up being in the Army at first. In turn, I wanted viewers to see that first and then go, "Oh, he also served in the Army and in Iraq and was an infantryman." The demographic for "The Real World," I wanted them to see that it’s not only our demographic, it’s our generation over there serving.