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Sakurai sho dating 2016

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[DVD & Blu-ray Disc “ARASHI LIVE TOUR 2015 Japonism”]The theme of the 2015 concert tour was returning to the roots.

He also says that because he careful and a little guarded, he prefers lively girls who smile a lot.[Single “Power of the Paradise”]Their 3rd single in 2016 isa message for the quadrennial athletes festival.Powerful and gentle, it’s a forceful single that embraces everyone with positivity.Full Name: 정용화/ Jung Yong-hwa Born: June 22, 1989 Height: 180CM Blood Type: A Profession: Singer, actor and songwriter The most popular boy in school; extraordinarily talented in cooking, playing the violin, chess and etiquette; his ideal girl is the anime’s protagonist Misaki Ayuzawa.So we know it’s hard to win over the heart of a fictional character – but we can dream right?No not the 6-piece k-pop band (although I’d be happy to date Youngmin) but the Asian pop stars who would make the best boyfriends and why.

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Full Name: Jackson Wang /王嘉爾 Born: March 28, 1994 Height: 174CM Blood Type: O Profession: Lead rapper, vocalist, dancer He’s cheeky, fun…

a little mischievous (his name contradicts his image) and likes girls who are into music (hello! He has an appreciation for Epik High so if you’re into them too *fist bumps*.

” expresses “the current ARASHI according to ARASHI” through the theme of “Happy,” incorporating a rich variety of music. ”And in addition to their solo songs, this time each of the members were in charge of original ARASHI songs using the “Happy” theme.

This is a powerful album that will envelop all who listen, packaging up ARASHI’s current progress as they continue on forward!!

It’s Valentine's week here at SBS Pop Asia and we’re talking all things eyelid-fluttering, chocolate flavoured, gushy, mushy & love-spongy: especially when it comes to our each of our bias’.