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Sakurai sho dating

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I do believe the both care about doing their job and doing it well and not disappoint anyone.

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Jun and Sho not exactly being friends is probably just an issue of interests, not perspectives.Personally I’d like to see someone from Kin Ki Kids get married.(Source: I’ve been out of the loop for so many months, it’s best to start off with something small I suppose. KAT-TUN were supposed to be the next JE success story back when Arashi weren’t doing too well. Long story short, ten years on, Arashi have achieved worldwide J-pop domination and KAT-TUN only has four members left but Taguchi’s leaving in May to get married and have adorably tall babies or something.They were formed in 2001 and they had a bunch of concerts like Okyakusama wa Kamisama and Live Kaizokuban. Kame and Jin ended up starring in very popular dramas Nobuta wo Produce and Gokusen 2 (Anego and Suppli weren’t very good so let’s just ignore those two). Anyways, the article which I linked to briefly discusses KAT-TUN’s history and how Koki and Jin are holding up these days, but the part I found interesting was how on March 22, 2016, or KAT-TUN’s 10th anniversary date, Jin tweeted his congratulations, and Koki tweeted the message Happy B’day but then explained that since it was the middle of the night, only a few people saw it and he didn’t want to cause any more trouble, so he deleted it. Basically it’s speculated that Jun and Sho, despite being very close in the past, have drifted and become super awkward.If I had to say it seirously, I think Sho is much more forward-thinking, he likes to plan, he is probably even more responsible than Jun and because of that could come across like a bit of a stick in the mud.I understand how you feel and I really appreciate your input into this discussion, especially since you weren’t the OP and so became interested in the topic by pure chance.KAT-TUN debuted on March 22, 2006 with an overwhelming amount of popularity behind them. They released their debut single along with a best-of album which doesn’t even make any sense, but they both sold like hotcakes anyway. Well, there’s always someone watching when you’re in the public eye. At least Jin had the decency to keep his tweet up after calling it quits so early in the game.(Source: oh my goodness! For example they would hardly talk to each other and wouldn’t have any skinship during TV shows.

To give you one example, there should be a hover-hand GIF from the Himitsu no Arashi-chan 2 hour SP episode with Akashiya Sanma somewhere on the Internet, I’m sure.

There are snippets of their personalities we can see from behind the screen such as Sho planning his leisure time down to the very minute, to the point where it’s almost frustrating, in one of their Hawaii SP episodes. I would agree with you that as a group, it is unlikely that Arashi have fought, but I do think it’s entirely possible for members to have one-on-one disagreements.

Also, some of the members have talked about wanting to give up in the past. This means that the article I am discussing is potentially (and in most cases, probably) a bunch of lies.

My apologies if you see any mistakes or incorrect information. Anyways, since the very lovely user @sleepystrawberry told me that Jun guested on Abunai Yakai recently, I looked up a snippet of the show and found their conversation very entertaining. To give you one example, there should be a hover-hand GIF from the Himitsu no Arashi-chan 2 hour SP episode with Akashiya Sanma somewhere on the Internet, I’m sure.

The clip is called 嵐の中で松潤と中が一番いいのは? or “in Arashi, who is Matsujun the closest to? Sho: A bunch of us can gather and go out for a drink but with the other members, only two of you hanging out is kinda… To be honest Matsumoto-kun, who in Arashi do you match with the most in terms of their personality? Obviously their friendship or closeness behind the scenes is not something that can be confirmed unless you know the members personally but at the very least, Nino has debunked the whole Arashi are BFF theory.

Jun was a guest on Sho’s show a few weeks ago and they pretty much said they aren’t friends, just work colleagues who are together a lot because of work. Hi sleepystrawberry, I had absolutely no idea that Jun had even guested on Abunai Yakai (I’ve been out of the loop for months sadly) but thank you for letting me know your thoughts on this matter!