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Sartorialist and garance dore dating

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Anyone experiencing tattoo regrets can now rejoice!

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As the CEO of GFW Clothing, making sure things are inclusive for everyone is at the very core of my work, values and ethics.First step in achieving green economy is switching to a green energy supplier.My team, working with NGO's, charities, student groups and hopefully trade unions, are aiming to have half the UK switch to green energy within five years.Yet, what this experience brought home to me was the depth of our double standards across the fashion industry as a whole.We film the Haute Couture show not normally seen - put on specially for the clients, not the press.Although there are challenges, my trip has only made me believe in the unique opportunity this country represents to change the future of how our clothing is made It's almost Valentine's Day, which means there's plenty of love in the air and many of us will already be thinking of what to wear.

Whether you're heading out on a first date in the evening or spending a chilled out day with your loved one, it's a welcome opportunity to dress to impress.

Despite the shape of some of the 'casts' we filmed in the atelier, the Duchess of Windsor's famous phrase, 'never too rich, never too thin' seems apposite.

An insight into the way the world's economy is moving: a large proportion of the guests are from China.

The way this shot has been set up creates a deeply unsettling power dynamic: Bella is perched on Riccardo's knee - an infantilising position to be in - and he, the legendary designer, is presenting her to the camera.

The fashion press could not wait for the new collection to be seen and watch it-girl Daisy Lowe open the show as the models sauntered down the catwalk wearing seventies pyjama tops in true boho style.

Everyone jumps on the bandwagon - I even saw a heart shaped pile of doughballs outside Pizza Express - to max on the seasonal love fest.